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StrategyTester small [EA]   Charles 2.1.5


This chronicle of a EA is most some-more formidable than prior to versions. The categorical judgment is a same, uses stop orders upon break-outs as well as hedges loosing orders, perplexing to tighten regularly upon positive.

Other than this this chronicle introduces a lot of capabilities:

  • Checks for special sensitivity conditions in sequence to open Orders next a spike
  • Checks for trening condition in sequence to try to follow a direction when possible
  • Introduces a judgment of Pivot, Resistances as well as Supports, computed any hour in sequence to minimize a detriment of loosing orders by throwing a good cost retrace
  • Introduces a judgment of Orders Basket in sequence to recompense loosing orders as shortly as probable as well as minimize a drawdown
  • Exposes a lot of pattern parameters permitting to tweak out a strategy


NOTE: In box of “zero divide” error, we contingency check a list of black supposing upon “Symbols” parameter. There can be dual probable issues 1) your attorney does not await all or a little of a black specified (you MUST operate usually upheld black by your broker) – 2) your attorney uses opposite names for symbols, as an istance intead of EURUSD it uses EURUSDm or EUR_USD … we MUST operate a names supposing by your broker.

If we devise to operate a EA upon a singular draft as well as a singular pitch during time, only insert a EA to a analogous chart, compensate courtesy to a MagicNumber as well as leave a Symbols filed empty.


0) The TimeFrame is not important. The EA check internally a timeframes he needs.

1) Symbols; Comma distant list of black we wish a EA to conduct upon a singular instance. If dull a EA functions *ONLY* upon a stream chart/symbol


2) MagicNumber; Assigned to *every* sequence rubbed by a EA
MagicNumber = 3939;

3) xFactor; Multiplier for *HEDGE* orders.
xFactor = 1.8;

4) TimeSet; Broker time. It’s used to reset a tentative orders any day.
TimeSet = “07:32″;

5) RiskPercent; Try to redeem loosing orders if a change goes down this percentage.
RiskPercent = 5;

6) RiskPerTrade; Risk for any LOT automatically computed by a EA. In any box a EA cannot open a LOT teenager than a MINLOT. If “0” a EA will operate a bound LOT worth taken from Lots field.
RiskPerTrade = 10;

7) MaxAllowedOrders; Max series of *accessory* orders. Those orders have been special orders non-stop underneath sold conditions, i.e. special Volatility spikes or RSI+MMA direction condition matched.
MaxAllowedOrders = 15;

8) MaxOpenHours; Every non-stop sequence will be sealed if it’s age is aloft than this value. “0” equates to do not check a sequence age.
MaxOpenHours = 0;

9) ProfitCheckPeriod; Number of 15m bars of flattened marketplace to take in to criticism in sequence to tighten a winning order. This functions *ONLY* if a total distinction is positive.
ProfitCheckPeriod = 3;

10) Aggressive; If TRUE equates to cruise H1 timeframes for breakouts instead of H4 as well as Daily. Rise up extremely a volume of trades. Dangerous.
Aggressive = false;

11) UsePivots; If TRUE pivots, resistances as well as supports will be used to recalculate TakeProfits of loosing orders. In which box they can be sealed in negative, perplexing to minimize a loss. Pivots have been checked any hour.
UsePivots = true;

12) Params used for RSI+MMA direction condition checks.
FastPeriod = 18;
SlowPeriod = 60;
Selectivity = 14;

13) Lots; Fixed worth to operate in box RiskPerTrade = 0.
Lots = 0.01;

14) Slippage; Slippage in PIPS.
Slippage = 3;

15) ECN; Support for ECN accounts.
ECN = true;

16) MarginPercent; Try to safety this volume of domain prior to opening some-more orders. Does not forestall waste for already non-stop trades.
MarginPercent = 20;

17) StopLoss; Stoploss in PIPS.
StopLoss = 0;

18) Trailings values practical to a winning sequence *ONLY* when we have ALL certain profits. In alternative cases a *BASKET* is used by a EA which will try to tighten as most as probable loosing orders with only a single winning order.
TrailStart = 20;
TrailingAmount = 3;

19) TakeProfit; Offset practical to a Pivots computed TakeProfits.
TakeProfit = 20;

20) AllOrders; If TRUE will omit a MagicNumber as well as will conduct all a orders doeneding upon a AllSymbols setting.
AllOrders = true;

21) AllSymbols; It TRUE will omit a managed Symbols as well as will conduct all a orders.
AllSymbols = true;

22) LogToFile; If TRUE writes logs to a file.
LogToFile = false;

23) InitResetOrders; If TRUE resets a Pending Orders during init time.
InitResetOrders = true;


StartHour = 0;
EndHour = 24;
CloseAllNow = false;
FridayCloseTime = 0;

Traiding authorised hours as well as force tighten conditions. CloseAllNow will forcibly *CLOSE* ALL ORDERS. FridayCloseTime will forcibly *CLOSE* ALL ORDERS after this Friday hour; “0” equates to omit this as well as leave a orders opened.

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Could we insist me , since when we try to backtest , Ihave dual errors :

one volume error

and ex. gbp/usd order 0

04.07.2013 17:29 patrickmql

This is a good, EA, if a little a single operate with MM rules,  Good work, keep it
20.05.2013 20:18 nanoforex

Also what is a disproportion in in between 2.1.5 as well as 2.1.8a?

This EA is unequivocally interesting. we forwardtest both 2.1.5. as well as 2.1.8a. aparently there have been no differences, but:

*  2.1.5. functions really goog untill it gets funny as well as begin opening a lot of orders with no sens as well as blow a account.

*  2.1.8a, so distant so good. Maybe a bugs have been bound as well as which is a disproportion in in between both versions..

29.03.2013 18:30 azure

I would know when it’s required to open a graph for any banking taht i wish to traffic with this EA ?
04.03.2013 10:28 jeanclaudecanar

Just got my criticism blown out wtf!
24.02.2013 16:12 zsuperpips

I only have a discerning demeanour to your ea’s code, you  have been a really good coder. Just to appreciate we for your present to a community. we goal we had some-more time to investigate it in detail. we review so most codes which we suspect we am right away means to commend a good work during a glance. 10/10
16.02.2013 14:24 lobev

76% modelling peculiarity is not a current backtest…
03.01.2013 23:55 Radiologyandrew

Grafiknya Mantabs
08.12.2012 17:55 Darman

05.12.2012 16:58 forfolio

Hello freinds,


Is somebody uses these EA’s? Can somebody send a formula to:

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