Fractional Bands
Author:jppoton (2009.05.07 08:22)
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Fractional Bands uses a modelisation of cost movement by a Fractional Brownian Motion, that incorporates a care of a Fractal dimension, discordant to a Bollinger Bands, that have been formed upon a Wiener Brownian Motion (a sold box of a Fractional Brownian Motion). They additionally operate a opposite equation from a Fractal Bands ( This difference, whilst being some-more unchanging with a indication upon a mathematical indicate of view, does not appear to yield an indicator as engaging during a trade indicate of view. Nonetheless, it competence still be of a little operate in multiple with alternative indicators.

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Here is a Fractional Bands (in limegreen) with a Fractal Bands (in red), both share a same MA, that is a FRASMA (

chart fractionalbands bw small Fractional Bands


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