this EA has been tested with Exness. You need a attorney who offers equivalent hedges. Broker compatibility: The EA calls banking pairs similar to “AUDUSDm”. Replace a “m” in a EA with your brokers code.


The InsomiaFX Correlation Double Hedge EA complement functions this way:

AUDJPY/CADJPY have a association of around 90% over 1 year that is good. Over a day it changes utterly a bit.

  1. Open a 100.000 USD demo account
  2. Attach EA to AUDJPY chart, timeframe doesn’t matter

EA will do:


  1. Open hedged AUDJPY/CADJPY (2 orders – Pair 1)
  2. Open a same orders conflicting side (Pair 2), domain is right away 0 as well as we have a .. hmm .. correlated stand in sidestep ! winking2 InsomiaFX Correlation Double Hedge EA


With domain 0 we have a really good aegis for drawdowns as well as we stand in a possibility to strech a TP due to dual Pairs. Just barter is negative.

For e.g. any sequence is 40 lots as well as TP (Take Profit) indicate of 1000 USD per pair.

Profit will be taken once a association goes furious as well as a span reaches a TP. Like a single sequence is -1000 as well as a alternative +2000. This span will be sealed as well as recreated. This happens around 5-10x per day.

The drawdown will stop automatically during a limit due to a stand in hedge. In this e.g. not some-more than 20% or so.



Very good interactive association charts:



Swap detriment per day around -80 USD with 40 lots per order. If we invalidate Pair 2 as well as to illustrate compensate domain for Pair 1, a Swap turns in to a distinction of ca. 120 USD per day or around 3000 USD/month. Pair 1 still will take a 1000 USD TP at your convenience reached. happy5 InsomiaFX Correlation Double Hedge EA

Things to do:


  1. Check a EA for bugs
  2. Test a complement if it creates any long-term clarity ?
  3. Add association formular to EA (mostly done)
  4. Define undiluted sequence entrance points formed upon association of final X min
  5. Add lot formed devalue associated to Equity benefit to progress this up.


As AUDCAD swings around 8% per final 2.5 years we combined formula to regulate a lot distance formed upon a same USD worth for any pair. However we found a association differences per day is up to 50% per span so it has small outcome to regulate a lot sizes now. So that formula is inactive. With AUD/CAD around 1.00 only place same lots.

I have it using upon 4 Demos given currently to check if this complement functions as well as find code/logic bugs.

See a pairs shown in a criticism as well as increase in points. Fun to see how a points shift around compartment they strike a TP.

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 InsomiaFX Correlation Double Hedge EA


Thx for celebration of a mass as well as any feedback.



Note: The rar contains a dll that simply boosts a MT4 routine priority to high. Its not indispensable if we do not certitude DLLs. Just uncomment a associated formula in a EA. If we similar to to operate it, put a dll in to a same printed matter as terminal.exe. Needs Windows 7 as well as .NET Framework 4.0. Source upon request.

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