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BBSqueeze Dark Indicator

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Naam: BBSqueeze Dark Indicator Author: gkdoda (2011.03.02 09:22) Aflaai: 15517 Aflaai: bbsqueeze_dark[1].mq4 (4.9 Kb) Uitsigbeskrywing: The indicator starts below the main chart window and is very simple to use. There are 2 steps to take signals via this indicator. Beeld: Step 1: See the zero line. It consists of either Red dot or Green dot. If it is Green dot, it’s time to take action. Nou, aksie (buy or sell) has been defined in step 2 below. If it’s Red dot, do nothing and stay away. Just hold your position. Step 2: If you see Green dot in zero line, […]
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