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Non Repainting Supertrend Indicator

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اسم: Non Repainting Supertrend Indicator Author: Rajandran R (2013.05.29 07:30) تم التنزيل: 247 تحميل: Non Repainting SuperTrend.mq4 (6.4 كيلو بايت) عرض المؤلف: RajandranFounder of Marketcalls. Marketcalls is a small research blog started during 11th September 2007 which talk about Intelligent stock market analysis, trading strategies and forecasting. Only Charts, أنماط - رسم, Technicals and Strategies Will be Discussed accordingly with current market data’s from Charts. وصف: The Non Repainting SuperTrend is particularly stable and has a few advantages over older version of SuperTrend indicators: It uses a moving (statistical) median of the arithmetic mean (عالي + قليل)/2 of the bars instead of a […]