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X_0_Serg153_TEST A tick-tack-toe indicator with trade alerts

von Forex Wiki Team
Name: X_0_Serg153_TEST A tick-tack-toe indicator with trade alerts. [ ru | cn ] Autor: Korey (2008.05.02 12:13) Heruntergeladen: 2213 Herunterladen: X_O_serg153_Test.mq4 (6.9 Kb) Autor anzeigen: Origin indicator X_0_Serg153 Copyright © 2005, Serg153 We took the ready indicator X_0_Serg153 created in 2005, and modified it. On one hand this allowed us to avoid verification of the tick-tack-toe method with its implementation in the indicator and to retain the illustration of the method. jedoch, andererseits, there are some difficulties in extracting trade alerts. The data of indicator X_0_Serg153 is represented as graphical objects, which caused the arising of the corresponding […]
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