Red face InstaForex Debit Card

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

Hello frenz ,i wonder how to take money from the debit card instaforex after we transfer from the akaun .
i’m from malaysia and i don’t see any option at ATM to chose for the debit card from the outsider
saving akaun
credit card

this is the option from the ATM
wich one we need to click Red face InstaForex Debit Card


Dear Forumites,
For convenience’s sake, we have published comprehensive answers to most frequent questions from this thread in the F.A.Q section. Please refer to it before asking a question. Any questions conflicting with this recommendation will be deleted without prior notice. Thank you for understanding.
 Red face InstaForex Debit Card

– How do I order InstaForex MasterCard?
To order InstaForex MasterCard, please fill an application at instaforex.com.

– How much is a maintenance fee for InstaForex MasterCard?
Ordering InstaForex MasterCard costs 15.95 USD for non-U.S. citizens. The maintenance fee is 1 USD per month. Please navigate to the Bank Card tab in InstaForex Client Cabinet to see detailed information.

– How long is the shipping period?
The period of InstaForex MasterCard shipping is 5 working weeks depending on the country of your residence.

– I ordered a card more than 5 working weeks ago but I have not received it yet. What should I do?
Please contact your post office first. If they have not received your card, submit a request to Payoneer customer relations service. A new card will be issued and shipped for you.

– I have a PAMM account. Can I order InstaForex MasterCard?
If you are PAMM investor, you can order a card. Unfortunately, InstaForex MasterCard is temporarily unavailable for PAMM traders.

– When should I activate my card?
There is no time limit on activation of InstaForex MasterCard. Payoneer may close your account if it has been inactive for a long time, but it can be recovered upon request.

– I have no money on my card. Will I have to pay a month commission? Will my card be frozen?
A maintenance commission will be charged even if you do not have money on your card. Although if a card balance is negative, the card will not be frozen.

– Can I attach InstaForex MasterCard to all my accounts?
Yes, you can attach InstaForex MasterCard to all your account to withdraw money from or deposit money to them.

– What should I do to withdraw money from my trading account to InstaForex MasterCard?
To withdraw money from your trading account to your card, go to the corresponding section in Client Cabinet – InstaForex MasterCard. Complete the form as follows: in “ID Card” enter your 6-digit ID that consists of letters and numbers like A12B3C; in “Commentary to the recipient” enter any commentary, for example “Withdrawal from account 100001 (Mr. Smith)”; and in “PIN” enter a PIN of an account you used to order your InstaForex MasterCard.

– Is there any withdrawal fee? How long does it take to withdraw money from my account to my card?
Your money is withdrawn from your trading account to your InstaForex MasterCard in two stages. First, your money is deposited to your Payoneer account. InstaForex Company charges 1% withdrawal fee. Second, the money is deposited to your InstaForex MasterCard. You can set a withdrawal period and commission: 7 hours for 4 USD or 72 hours for 2 USD.

– I have replenished my account via an online payment system. Can I withdraw money to my card?
You can withdraw money to your InstaForex MasterCard regardless of a way of replenishment except EuroGlod Cash and Global Digital Pay. These two systems cannot withdraw money to your card. Please also note that in case of direct transactions between payment systems, certain limits on withdrawal can be imposed as withdrawal to a card for the purpose of money exchange is forbidden. In case there no such attempts, there will be limits on withdrawal.

– I use online payment systems to replenish my account. Where do I find terms on a number of traded lots required to withdraw money to InstaForex MasterCard?
There are no such terms. The Financial Department decides on whether InstaForex MasterCard has been used to transfer money between different payment systems. If it is the case, you will not be able to withdraw money to your card. In any case, you can withdraw the money by the same way you used to deposit it to your trading account.

– Can I withdraw cash from InstaForex MasterCard?
You can withdraw cash from your card in any ATM worldwide that accepts MasterCards and withdraws dollars or exchange it to rubles.

– Can I use this card to pay in online shops?
You can use your InstaForex MasterCard to pay in any shop that accepts MasterCards.

– I would like to pay for a service or product with my dollar InstaForex MasterCard. The product/service is other currency. What is the exchange rate?
The exchange rate of InstaForex MasterCard is a rate of Payoneer, issuing body of your card.

– What bank is my card attached to?
Your InstaForex MasterCard is attached to an account in Choice Bank (Belize).

– Is card holder data passed to tax authorities?
InstaForex MasterCard holders have accounts in Choice Bank (Belize) that does not passed any holder data to local tax authorities.

– I am Indian resident. Can I order and use InstaForex MasterCard?
Although Payoneer and InstaForex do not restrict Indian residents from using InstaForex MasterCard, the Indian government and local banking authority have prohibited all non-Indian companies from issuing Visa/MasterCard cards to Indian residents, which unfortunately includes Payoneer.

– Can I attach my card to my account in other payment system or in other broker?
You can use InstaForex MasterCard to withdraw money from your account if the other broker can withdraw money to MasterCard.

– My card has been frozen. Why?
Normally, InstaForex MasterCard can be frozen if there has been no financial activity on it (including depositing of partner commissions, purchases or replenishments) for four consecutive months, or if it has had a zero balance for four consecutive months.

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