by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Author: rockyhoangdn (2011.09.29 12:24)
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AVer12345 is a new version of Aver4Sto+Postzigzag (Set-up for USDJPY only).

Strategy Tester Report

Aver12345 FxPro.com-Demo02 (Build 229)

Symbol USDJPY (US Dollar vs Japanese Yen)
Period 5 Minutes (M5) 2011.05.02 00:00 – 2011.09.27 23:55 (2011.05.02 – 2011.09.28)
Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
Parameters LotsOptimized=”====== LotsOptimized ======”; MoneyManagement=true; UseMinilot=true; Lots=0.1; MaximumRisk=0.1; MinLot=0.1; Stoploss_Takeprofit=”====== Setup Stoploss/Takeprofit ======”; MyStopLoss=800; MyTakeProfit=0; Stopoutlevel=50; Nextopenposition_in_point=”====== Nextopenposition in point ======”; Nextopenposition=150; Delay_open_in_point=”====== Delay open in point ======”; Delay=0; Maxiposition=5; Close_Optimized=”====== Close_Optimized ======”; Closebyprofit=false; Needprofit=1000; Losscan=500; TimeFrame=”====== TimeFrame ======”; TimeFrameM1=false; TimeFrameM5=true; TimeFrameM15=true; TimeFrameM30=false; TimeFrameM60=false; TimeFrameM240=false; IndicatorsPeriod=”====== Indicators Period ======”; iStochPeriod=26; iWPRPeriod=26; PostzigzagPeirod=14;
Bars in test 31175 Ticks modelled 7714138 Modelling quality n/a
Mismatched charts errors 4135
Initial deposit 500.00
Total net profit 3478.14 Gross profit 7587.70 Gross loss -4109.56
Profit factor 1.85 Expected payoff 64.41
Absolute drawdown 362.63 Maximal drawdown 2692.16 (85.45%) Relative drawdown 85.45% (2692.16)
Total trades 54 Short positions (won %) 14 (64.29%) Long positions (won %) 40 (62.50%)
Profit trades (% of total) 34 (62.96%) Loss trades (% of total) 20 (37.04%)
Largest profit trade 987.03 loss trade -418.23
Average profit trade 223.17 loss trade -205.48
Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 9 (1911.30) consecutive losses (loss in money) 9 (-2154.16)
Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 2156.67 (3) consecutive loss (count of losses) -2154.16 (9)
Average consecutive wins 5 consecutive losses 3


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i´m new here and i try to trade with this ea, but it doesn´t work. i need help to start the deal. is this ea only for daily trade?



23.11.2011 23:49 thehunk2809

Rocky, Why this new version + the Postzigzagv2Close does not give out alert?
18.11.2011 20:18 chintigga

Very high drawdown, and a lot of Mismatched charts errors. An increasing lotsize always risky

“USDJYP” if (Symbol() == “USDJYP”) Won’t work on my account

“EURJYP” if (Symbol() == “EURJYP”) Won’t work

Also if (Symbol() == “EURUSD”) Is not working on a lot of accounts Miss prefix and suffix solution to open a trade

Also Magicnumber trade This EA will not work properly with other EA’s

There is no solution for 4digit or 5digit brokers….. (For JPY 2 or 3 Digit brokers)

Good luck learning code

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