Close Orders

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Close Orders
Author: robbieruan (2011.07.27 10:20)
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This is a tool for you to automatically close all orders when you have dozens of pending orders and open orders.

For example, if now have 20 pending EUR/USD long and short orders, and have 20 open ones, and you now want to close them all, you should set as the following:

  • CloseOpenLongOrders = true;
  • CloseOpenShortOrders = true;
  • ClosePendingLongOrders = true;
  • ClosePendingShortOrders = true;
  • JustCloseSpecificMagicNumber= 0; // if set JustCloseSpecificMagicNumber to 0, will close all MagicNumber orders; if just want to close specific MagicNumber orders, set JustCloseSpecificMagicNumber to you magic value ;
  • CloseAllSymbols = true; // if set CloseAllSymbols = true, it will close all symbols satisfying the settings, if set CloseAllSymbols = false, just close the symbol you are applying this EA to;
  • JustCloseOrdersWithinTheRange = false; //if set JustCloseOrdersWithinTheRange = true, just close orders whose open prices are within the range CloseRangeHigh to CloseRangeLow.

Close Orders

Close Orders

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I need that my EA close all trades and stop to work at 23:30 hrs. server time and work again at 24:00 hrs.
Do you know how to do it?

Thank you!

26.08.2013 16:09 sara01

07.06.2013 02:11 emf4hrudin

Works great, absolutely essential tool, thnks!
15.10.2012 09:55 petdane

nice work….

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