Cluster expert advisor

Cluster expert advisor

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

The skilled advisor concept is to seek out the strongest and the weakest foreign money pair.

For instance, if the strongest foreign money is EUR (from the 8 pairs) and the weakest is JPY, then we’re shopping for EURUSD and shopping for USDJPY. So the use this strategy to hedge dangers.

I’ve used the next articles:

Sensible Software of Cluster Indicators in FOREX

Theoretical Foundation of Constructing Cluster Indicators for FOREX

The advisor makes use of an indicator CCFp.mq4 from these articles. It must be downloaded and compiled. I’m attaching it right here with minor modifications for the comfort.

Here’s a image from the article:


Cluster expert advisor

The Advisor buys XXXUSD or sells USDXXX, then the road of the XXX foreign money is maximal and the identical, it sells YYYUSD and buys USDYYY, when the road of the YYY foreign money turned minimal.

After the change of maximal (minimal) strains, the place of the foreign money pair closes and advisor opens a brand new place. The advisor opens orders after the crossing of the earlier bar. It really works with 8 foreign money pairs.


  • Take revenue is absent.
  • Cease Loss is outlined in factors and the identical for all the foreign money pairs.

Editor’s comment:

It is a mirror English translation of the unique Russian model.

If in case you have any questions, ideas or feedback, it is higher to publish them there.

Cluster professional advisor [ ru ]
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