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The Expert Advisor Robot_ADX 2MA uses 4 indicators for the analysis: 2 Moving Average and 2 ADX indicators on periods of one minute and one hour.

Uses a fixed volume of the lot and the level of losses and profits, which is fixed too.

Robot_ADX+2MA   Robot_ADX+2MA

Input parameters:

  • TakeProfit = 70; – level of profit
  • Sl = 20; – level of loss
  • Lots = 0.1; – volume of deal
  • n = 9; – threshold value between the Moving Average indicators


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Hi, I applied this for the data for the year of 2010 to H1 and M1 period. They both have huge loss. I didn’t change the default input settings.

Any further suggestion on how to setup the test?


28.08.2010 02:40 leelar

Hello, am a nookie and just got into the job..How can I b helped by u gurus’..i’ll like to install the robot so I can see it in full function while I learn self trave..Thanks

[email protected]

24.08.2010 07:50 isaacdjumanji

Great job so far

20.08.2010 12:25 Beakon


Currency & TF


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