Shuriken Lite

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Shuriken Lite
Author: eagleye777 (2011.09.27 14:19)
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 	 Shuriken Lite   Shuriken_Lite.zip (7.9 Kb)


This is the strategy scoring system used for Shuriken EA.

It can monitor the trading activity of up to 10 Expert Advisors by inputing their different magic numbers in the settings.

The chart display shows the total pips made, wins % and number of trades for each EA, plus the combined totals with overall Profit Factor and Net Profits shown below.

If you use lots of expert advisors this will help you keep track of their performance.


  1. Copy Shuriken.ttf font file to C:\Windows\Fonts folder first.
  2. Shuriken Lite.mq4 goes in the experts folder.
  3. Place on a chart and input the magic numbers of your EA’s trading on the account.
  4. A value of 0 will score your manual trades.


 	 Shuriken Lite


  • Click Chart Shift button to make room for the display.
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and what is the EA?

I don’t see any result anywhere.


01.03.2012 07:54 eagleye777

and what is the EA?

I don’t see any result anywhere.

12.01.2012 23:46 willgart

look good! thanks for share!

cheers 🙂

27.09.2011 19:07 eagleye777

look good! thanks for share!

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