Stop Hunter

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Stop Hunter
Author: mt-coder (2010.08.28 10:28)
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This EA is based on the strategy “Stop Hunting with the Big Players”.

It sends BuyStop and SellStop orders at the given Distance from the round price targets.

To learn more about Stop Hunting:

Stop Hunting Definition (investopedia.com)

Stop Hunting with the Big Players (investopedia.com)


Zeroes: the number of zeroes at the right of the price.

Distance: how far from the round price target should the order be placed.

The other settings are usual.

How to use:

Using the default settings the EA will be hunting stops in both directions, it can also be used side to side with another strategy to define whether to go Short or Long. Anyway I had good backtest results going both directions.

 	 Stop Hunter


This is 3 months backtest on AUDUSD M5 (Risk_percent=10; other settings default)

 	 Stop Hunter

This is one year backtest on EURUSD M5 (Risk_percent=40; other settings default)

 	 Stop Hunter

PS: Testing has been made in a virtual environment of Spread=0

This EA in backtesting mode shows how institutions could have benefited from Stop Hunting (or have actually benefited from this practice), there are no guarantees that you will be able as a trader to make the same benefits, but if you do than congratulations !

However there is a possibility of making money with Stop Hunter if you use another system to determine trend direction and set Stop Hunter for that direction only.

Latest Update: 2010.10.02

Try running in one direction only, if LongOrders=true, ShortOrders=false, and vice versa.

Now Zeroes problem fixed, it should be working on all pairs and all brokers.



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This idea is great but it will give more benefit if some extra variables can be added.

I am just sharing my idea here

When the EA is active it will open order in different price and the price step can be set like every 5 pips gap EA will open a stop order

And the next orders can be multiply.

I am not a coder but tried to do the first one by changing variables name and magic number as i said i am not a coder so i failed.

If the coder of the stop hunter find my idea interesting you can edit this EA with new settings.

Thnx is advance


03.09.2013 17:37 Rickyrk

Hi MT-Coder,

I hope you can read this note even if you seems disappeared for long time))

I met a problem when backtesting your EA . I have to admit that I’m lucky enough to have a charming result as mr4x described at the very 1st time.

but after that, the lucky godness flies away from me, all of results are negative, the slope is exactly opposite to one in figure on 1st time.

do you have any idea what is root cause? any suggestions or advices are in need eagerly.

PS:I am quite sure all settings of following tests are same as the 1st time.

Thanks for your hard work once again!

26.12.2011 15:42 1105


First of all, thank you mt-coder for your work.

I have a question – why your EA takes so little profit and makes relatively big stop losses?


Spread can be the killer factor.

Hi MT-Coder,

Nice job on the EA Code.

Was having a few issues with it and they were:

  • Orders not closing at the TP
  • Numerous BuyStops & SellStops being submited but not being deleted
  • Many of the Stop Orders were being filled beyond the MaxBuy and MaxSell setting (1).

Now I had modified the MinLotSize to 0.01 from 0.1. It turns out that a number of your CloseOrder function had 0.1 for Lot. I changed this to OrderLots() and it seems to resolve the orders not closing at TP and the EA adheres to the MaxBuy & MaxSell settings.

I also went over the logic flow of the IF Statements. I found a few issues with them and modified the syntax of it. This appears to have fixed the Numerous BuyStop and SellStop orders that are now being deleted if they are no longer needed.

I still have an issue with the EA opening numerous BuyStop and SellStop orders when I load the EA on to another Chart (i.e.: GBPUSD) when I already have another incident running (i.e.:EURUSD). I insured the Magic Number was unique to each incident but the issue is still there. I reviewed your code again but have yet found the issue.

If you have any thoughts, I would appreciate it.

Happy Trading!

21.12.2011 15:11 vincejg327

First of all, thank you mt-coder for your work.

I have a question – why your EA takes so little profit and makes relatively big stop losses?


Spread can be the killer factor.


04.04.2011 00:57 mt-coder

First of all, thank you mt-coder for your work.

I have a question – why your EA takes so little profit and makes relatively big stop losses?

18.01.2011 00:39 hiptrip

HI .. Anyone willing to help me for the setting ? because the result i got from my own back test is weird … which is steady losing ….. then end of the test .. it just fly high of the profit …

Anyone can guide me to get a normal result … as you all did ?


28.12.2010 13:30 cvnx21

I’m not sure why so many are having trouble with your EA. It worked like a charm the very 1st time I attached it to a chart. Thanks for your hard work.
26.10.2010 06:47 mr4x

it didn’t work at all but it’s not you fault, the only thing that can work is fantasyland contests, I think this market, and all markets, are controlled and manipulated by 100% accurate expert advisors and that’s what my MT4 client platform is for the robot knows I am at 114.61 and it can trade 2,000 of my own account dollars against my one dollar.
11.10.2010 05:50 jgray110

It didn’t do well on anything I tested, but it’s nobody’s fault, I think all of the markets are controlled and manipulated by 100% accurate robots

11.10.2010 05:33 jgray110

can someone shows with the real account for this ea

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