X trail 2

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
X trail 2
Author: tonny (2011.04.06 10:22)
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This EA alerts you whenever there is a MA cross. Its very helpful if you use moving averages for your trading strategy as it spares you having to visually look for crossings. This version includes all moving average settings as requested by most of you. Full documentation is available at my site.

After a cross occurs X trail 2 sends out an alert.

The EA is designed to only alert when there is a perfect cross so it wont signal till the end of the timeframe.

In the picture below the orange x shows an example of where x trail 2 would alert you.

 	 X trail 2

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i but this in my chart put till now is not work, i put in eur usd but not work, pls need answer

02.06.2011 17:00 raz

What is the difference between the original X_trail and this new version X_trail_2 ??

25.04.2011 17:12 michaelB

I see two more crosses in the figure. Why is there no X below

The image is just an example i dont have to put Xs on all the crosses you can download the image and add them using a photo editing software if you must.

09.04.2011 12:16 tonny

I see two more crosses in the figure. Why is there no X below them?
09.04.2011 02:50 a.braccini

ok thanks
06.04.2011 20:13 nagyddd

an alert means there is a cross so i dont see why you should wait again
06.04.2011 16:00 tonny

If it do alert song, then what do you do???

Do you wait the next candle? Or don’t?

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