Price Action EA

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Price Action EA
Author: hodhabi (2014.01.30 09:52)
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An amazing EA that does not use any indicator. Instead, it follows the price action. Tested from 18 August 1995 to 29th January 2014. It has managed to turn $10,000 to 11,958,183.37.



You can use the default parameters if your balance is $10,000. Change the lot size based on your current balance. Recommended lot size is 0.01 for each $100.

Price Action EA

Please test it on long period and let me know your feedback.

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This code is useless!!!!!

I have taken a good look at it and all it is, is some junk code that does nothing useful except continuously force open a pre-defined order when the “TradeType” parameter is set to 1 (Buy) or 2 (Sell).

In other words, it is no smarter than manually placing trades when one feels like it. Why on earth would I use this “crap” when even the manual option on MT4 is smarter and can even do trailing stops.

The only thing it is good at, is bringing your account balance down to ZERO!!!

30.01.2014 20:01 FMIC

Price lies…
30.01.2014 19:41 rossiya

It won’t work because he ommited the trade logic..

30.01.2014 13:06 asgard2

It has no action programmed for TradeType = 0, so can use only 1 and 2.
30.01.2014 12:54 evillive

Hi hodhabi,

The EA opens no trade. Witch time frame do you use?

Thank you

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