Turtle Trader

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Turtle Trader
Author: thrinai (2014.02.14 07:52)
Downloaded: 106
 	 Turtle Trader   TurtleTrader-beta1.mq4 (35.2 Kb) View
 	 Turtle Trader   CHO.mq4 (2.8 Kb) View
 	 Turtle Trader   Fisher.mq4 (2.4 Kb) View

Thrinai Chankong


Currency : EURUSD Time Frame : 1m
Initial Deposit : $300
Total Net Profit : $46,911.70
Back Test Data From : 02 Jan 2007 To : 20 Oct 2011

 	 Turtle Trader

 	 Turtle Trader

Use Custom Indicator :
CHO.mq4 and Fisher.mq4

Copy to : <Path of Meta Trader>\Indicators

Expert Advisor : TurtleTrader-bata1.mq4 Copy to : <Path of Meta Trader>\Experts


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To the author, please write a short explanation about EA setings, expecially about last time-related entries, also please show your settings to get results as posted on the screenshot, thank you.
14.02.2014 13:52 evillive

25% modeling quality? forget it.

If you’re able to do more than 25% on M1 for average broker, show the proof here )))

14.02.2014 13:47 evillive

25% modeling quality? forget it.

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