Mastering Blockchain Distributed ledgers, decentralization and smart contracts explained -

Mastering Blockchain Distributed ledgers, decentralization and smart contracts explained –

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

Mastering Blockchain Distributed ledgers, decentralization and smart contracts explained

By Imran Bashir 

What this e-book covers:

Chapter 1, Blockchain 101, introduces the fundamental ideas of distributed computing on which blockchain expertise is predicated. It additionally covers historical past, definitions, options, sorts, and advantages of blockchains together with consensus mechanisms which can be on the core of blockchain expertise.

Chapter 2, Decentralization, covers the ideas of decentralization and its relationship with blockchain expertise. Numerous strategies and platforms that can be utilized to decentralize a course of or system have additionally been launched.

Chapter 3, Cryptography and Technical Foundations, introduces the theoretical foundations cryptography, which is important to totally perceive blockchain expertise. Ideas similar to public and non-public key cryptography, with sensible examples, are included. Lastly, an introduction to monetary markets can also be included as there are various fascinating use circumstances for blockchain expertise within the monetary sector.

Chapter 4, Bitcoin, covers Bitcoin, the primary and largest blockchain. It introduces technical ideas associated to bitcoin cryptocurrency intimately.

Chapter 5, Different Cash, introduces various cryptocurrencies that had been launched after the invention of Bitcoin. It additionally presents examples of various altcoins, their properties, and how they’ve been developed and carried out.

Chapter 6, Smart Contracts, gives an in-depth dialogue on smart contracts. Subjects similar to historical past, the definition of smart contracts, Ricardian contracts, Oracles, and the theoretical elements of smart contracts are offered on this chapter.

Chapter 7, Ethereum 101, introduces the design and structure of the Ethereum blockchain intimately. It covers numerous technical ideas associated to the Ethereum blockchain that explains the underlying rules, options, and elements of this platform in depth.

Chapter 8, Ethereum Growth, gives an in depth sensible introduction to improvement of decentralized functions and smart contracts utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. An introduction to solidity and completely different related instruments have additionally been included on this chapter.

Chapter 9, Hyperledger, presents a dialogue in regards to the hyperledger undertaking from the Linux basis, which incorporates completely different blockchain initiatives launched by its members.

Chapter 10, Different Blockchains, introduces various blockchain options and platforms. It gives technical particulars and options of other blockchains.

Chapter 11, Blockchain – Outdoors of Currencies, gives a sensible and detailed introduction to functions of blockchain expertise in fields others than cryptocurrencies, together with Web of Issues, authorities, media, and finance.

Chapter 12, Scalability and Different Challenges, is devoted to a dialogue of the challenges confronted by blockchain expertise and the best way to deal with them.

Chapter 13, Present Panorama and What’s Subsequent, is geared toward offering details about the present panorama, initiatives, and analysis efforts associated to blockchain expertise. Additionally, some predictions based mostly on the present state of blockchain expertise have additionally been made.

Who this e-book is for :

This e-book is for anybody who desires to know blockchain expertise in depth. It may also be used as a reference by builders who’re growing functions for blockchain. As well as, this e-book may also be used as a textbook for programs associated to blockchain expertise and cryptocurrencies. It may also be used as a studying useful resource for numerous examinations and certifications associated to cryptocurrency and blockchain expertise.

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