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by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
5 _34_5 [ ru | cn ]
Author: Scriptor (2008.01.25 09:56)
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5_34_5 indicator.

 	 5 _34_5
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this indicator redraws seriously……I really don’t know why you made it that way. It works with the las three bars.dats awful.
12.10.2008 16:42 osaze

I love your 5_34_5 Custom Indicator, which I have just installed in MT4, because it rivals TRIX (with 4,4 settings) for no-lag response and may prove to be a more accurate “predictor”….time will tell.

The one problem I am having with your indicator is that it does not retain user changes to colors and line thickness, which surprised me.  This is the first time I have encountered a truely great indicator with coding that provided for simple changes, but then would not retain them when MT4 is closed and reopened.

My many thanks to you for a great Custom Indicator, and my thanks to you in advance of any work you do to improve this one so that user changes are retained.

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