AIS1 Advanced Indicator

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
AIS1 Advanced Indicator
Author: Ais (2009.02.25 10:53)
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AIS1 Advanced Indicator

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Release Date: 2009.04.05

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AIS1 Advanced Indicator
AIS1 Advanced Indicator  AIS1 Advanced Indicator  AIS1 Advanced Indicator
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02.04.2013 05:37 papadestra

Hi Ghostdog,

1. AIS1 Advanced Indicator Superlight

1.1. Main feature is multiple copies allowance on the single chart.
1.2. For example, it is possible to run 2 copy AIS1AIS with higher timeframes D1 and H1 on M15 chart.

2. AIS1 Standard Indicator

2.1. AIS1 Standard Indicator is a monitoring tool for AIS1 Trading Robot.
2.2. AIS1 Standard Indicator displays trading strategy data on the chart.

Best Regards,

11.07.2009 13:05 Ais

Hi,Ais Many Thanks.Perfect Can you explain your other Indicators..Please to (simple)? I mean: Advanced Indicator Superlight Standard Indicator Best Regards

10.07.2009 11:47 Ghostdog

Hi Ghostdog,


1. Purpose
Main purpose of AIS1AI is to extend market view.
This indicator suits for manual trading.

2. Timeframe
Using timeframe depends on trading strategies.
For me preferrable timeframes are M1 and M15.

3. Explanations
Let we trade.
Let we see that AIS1AI displays nearest extremum point at price 1.35169 minimum.
Let we want to place buy limit order at the minimum price with minimal stop-loss distance.
AIS1AI displays that for the moment minimal stop-loss distance is equal to 100 points.
Then we know our nearest stop-loss level is equal to 1.35069.
Let we want to place stop-loss at 1.34950 instead of 1.35069.
AIS1AI may display that for the moment minimal stop-loss distance is equal to 300 points.
In means for us that nearest stop-loss level is equal to 1.34869 or lower.
Then we must to search other opportunities.

4. Indications
AIS1AI indicates great lot of data.
Today I am going to simplify AIS1AI by separating indications.
It will be set of independent indicators:
1. A Tool: Horizontal Grid Plotter,
2. A Tool: Vertical Grid Plotter,
3. A Tool: Extremum Points Plotter,
4. A Tool: Volume Meter Plotter,
5. A Tool: Volatility Meter Plotter,
6. A Tool: Market Profile Plotter,
7. A Tool: Chart Report Plotter.

Kind Regards from Russia,

09.07.2009 15:07 Ais

Hi Ais, nicely which you answer..OK 1) Which Timeframe is Best to use? 2) can you please explain(simply)? 3)Did I need all indicators for Robot EA? I believe the most important am the explanation,(Simply) 🙂 Can i use the Indicator for manual Trading? Best Regards from Germany

07.07.2009 00:44 Ghostdog

Hi Friends,

Please post your requests on this page and we will try together find solutions and advantages.

Best regards,


03.07.2009 20:19 Ais

Hi Ais, great Indicator!!A little I understand it:)please can you help me??? Did you have icq, Skype??if yes,please send me a email [email protected]…it would be genuinly ingenious..!!

01.07.2009 00:24 Ghostdog

This indicator is great tool!

12.03.2009 13:26 vladv

Hi Prasath2009


1. how to understand this indicator; 
2. how to read this indicator;
3. rules for trading with this indicators.

1. Understanding AIS1 Advanced Indicator

1.1. AIS1 Advanced Indicator is visual implementation of the following concept.
1.2. Timeframe concept:
     1.2.1. timeframe is special data package;
     1.2.2. timeframe data are "Volumes";
     1.2.3. timeframe has two dimensions:
     1.2.4. standard time metrics of timeframe are:
   "Open time";
     1.2.5. standard price metrics of timeframe are:
   "Open bid price",
   "High bid price",
   "Low bid price",
   "Close bid price";
     1.2.6. minimal timeframe period is M1, 1 minute period timeframe;
     1.2.7. detailed data distribution inside M1 timeframe in common case is lost;
     1.2.8. higher timeframes are built from M1 timeframes;
     1.2.9. distribution of M1 timeframes inside higher timeframes is absolutely precise.
1.3. According to the concept, timeframes are rectangles in two-dimensional time-price space:
     1.3.1. period is length;
     1.3.2. "High - Low" range is height.
1.4. Moreover, currency trading requires equivalent presentation of "Ask" and "Bid" prices.
1.5. Standard timeframe data presentations of terminal are:
     1.5.1. bid bars;
     1.5.2. bid candlesticks;
     1.5.3. bid line.
1.6. Bars presentation partially have lost "period" metric.
1.7. Candlesticks presentation partially hide range metric.
1.8. Line indicates only close prices.
1.9. AIS1 Advanced Indicator complements standard data presentations for the aforestated concept conformance.

2. Reading AIS1 Advanced Indicator

2.1. Main features of AIS1 Advanced Indicator are:
     2.1.1. higher timeframes indication over the standard timeframes of the chart;
     2.1.2. volatility meter of the smaller timeframes.
2.2. Main goals of the trader are:
     2.2.1. trading price levels computing;
     2.2.2. entry time point detection.
2.3. A good many of traders:
     2.3.1. compute trading price levels on higher timeframes;
     2.3.2. detect entry points on smaller timeframes.
2.4. AIS1 Advanced Indicator facilitates simultaneous view of:
     2.4.1. higher timeframes to control price levels;
     2.4.2. smaller timeframes to control entry points.
2.5. Specific reading rules depends on trading strategy.
2.6. For example, on H4/D1 chart AIS1 Advanced Indicator displays all AIS1 Trading Robot's strategy data.

3. Rules for trading with AIS1 Advanced Indicator

3.1. Trading rules are out of AIS1 Advanced Indicator purposes.
3.2. Main purpose of AIS1 Advanced Indicator is to display true presentation of the market data.

Best regards


07.03.2009 15:12 Ais



how to understand and read this indicator please post the rules for trading with this indicator

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