by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
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Author: sxTed (2008.02.29 11:06)
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Have audio output of latest Price “in stereo”.

Input parameters:

SaySymbol: Accept the default <true> for the symbol to precede the price, additional symbols may be added if required.

SayBidPrice: Accept the default <true> for the “Bid” price to be spoken, else change to <false> for the “Ask” price.


Thank you to Codersguru at http://www.forex-tsd.com for his library of speach functions. File “gSpeak.mqh” to be placed in subdirectory “\experts\include” and file “speak.dll” to be placed in subdirectory “\experts\libraries”.

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Thank you for the compliments osaze, take care Teddy.
16.10.2008 16:14 sxTed

cool indicator………i like it and thanks for sharing….if some other persons made it, it would have been on sale, but this is free. great work

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