Auto-Fibonacci [ ru ]

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Auto-Fibonacci [ ru ]
Author: zenhop (2009.12.08 11:04)
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This indicator will create a Fibonacci Retracement Object on your chart, and auto-update its values.

You can indicate if you prefer to use the classic High/Low values, or the less classic Open/Close ones (price_type: 0 = High/Low, 1 = Open/Close).

You can also define how many bars to look back maximum (Band_period).

Auto-Fibonacci [ ru ]

Indicator settings (Band_period, price_type)

Auto-Fibonacci [ ru ]

Color settings


Auto-Fibonacci [ ru ]
Auto-Fibonacci – AUDUSD H1, Period=72

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Hello Author,

a idea, can you a create this Fib, with an entry Point by a mouseclick. After this, the fib shows the entrypoint automatically to the low, in the result: you have your best fib level, that you search.



17.05.2011 13:50 balduin

Thanks, not perfect but a great place to start instead of from scratch 🙂 This will save me lots of time.

27.05.2010 05:31 Beakon

Is band_period the same as number_of_bars?

27.01.2010 05:17 edwinodus

Well, this indicator is not really accurate.

I’ll do it better soon.

14.01.2010 13:04 zenhop

v.k wrote:
hi. I thought, fibos should be drawn like that:

isn’t it right?




If you want to inverse the coodonates of the fibo, just change this line:

if (Open[Band_Period] < Open[0]) {


if (Open[Band_Period] > Open[0]) {


11.12.2009 18:05 zenhop

hi. I thought, fibos should be drawn like that:

Auto-Fibonacci [ ru ]

isn’t it right?

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