DiNapoli and Fibos

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
DiNapoli and Fibos
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Basic code for fast and handy Fibos and DiNapoli objectives (OP, COP, XOP) ploting on chart.

Every Blue line is indicating averaged Fibo levels calculated from: .328, .500, .618 for corrisponding fractals specified by user.(lighter color is meaning nearest fractals (H/H, L/L).

Fibo nodes averaged to eliminate to many lines ploted on chart.

Red, Violet, Pink, Brown lines are indicating DiNapoli targets. (lighter lines for COP’s, darker for XOP’s)

Happy trading.

  • extern int FracsFromBar = 6; // this is number of bar from which indi calculates back fractals specified below,”0″ means current bar.
  • extern int FibFractals01 = 12; // first and nearest to bar specified before range for fractals (H/H,L/L for spec. nr of bars)
  • extern int FibFractals02 = 22; // second range for fractals (H/H,L/L for spec. nr of bars)
  • extern int FibFractals03 = 32; // third range
  • extern int FibFractals04 = 45; // fourth, wider range
  • extern bool CommentsOn = false; // short description on chart, leave it “false” if to chart is attached another indi with comments.


DiNapoli and Fibos

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