Disparity Index

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Disparity Index
Author: Linuxser (2007.05.10 11:16)
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Steve Nison refers to his Disparity Index as “a percentage display of the latest close to a chosen moving average.” This can be defined mathematically using the formula: 

[ C – Mov(C,X,MA ) ]

[Mov(C,X,MA) ] * 100

Where X is the number of time periods and MA is the calculation type of the moving average. For more in depth interpretation of the Disparity Index refer to Steve Nison’s book “Beyond Candlesticks”, Chapter 5

 	 Disparity Index
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Looks symilar to Force index provided with Meta Trader.


30.05.2007 07:02 walsz

breakmov wrote:
Linuxser,just one question/observation 🙂 …….

why do you have “A/(B*100) ” insted of “(A/B)*100” ?


Visual result is the same, only the scale changes.

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