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This indicator informs you about the depth of the trend.

Useful on trending market.




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sir, your all indicater very good ..i think if u try ..you make 100% winning EA
28.07.2012 14:38 kkmtn

Hi erekit,


There will be no “hang”, if you have enough data for all timeframes (M1…D1). You need 150 bars at least for each timeframe.

24.05.2010 16:37 ggekko

not recommend to use. it caused my laptop hang



07.05.2010 07:43 erekit

The indicator represents Moving Averages as follows:

There are 10 Squares under each time frame.
Frame 0 through 9 represent Moving Averages on the CLOSE price as follows:
ALL Moving Averages (MA) are Exponential
0 = MA 2 Shift 0 compared to MA 2 Shift -1
1 = MA 3 Shift 0 compared to MA 3 Shift -1
2 = MA 5 Shift 0 compared to MA 5 Shift -1
3 = MA 8 Shift 0 compared to MA 8 Shift -1
4 = MA 13 Shift 0 compared to MA 13 Shift -1
5 = MA 21 Shift 0 compared to MA 21 Shift -1
6 = MA 34 Shift 0 compared to MA 34 Shift -1
7 = MA 55 Shift 0 compared to MA 55 Shift -1
8 = MA 89 Shift 0 compared to MA 89 Shift -1
9 = MA 144 Shift 0 compared to MA 144 Shift -1
If Shift 0 is Greater Than Shift -1 then Green for UP
If Shift 0 is Less Than Shift -1 then Red for DOWN
If Shift 0 is equal to Shift -1 then Yellow for FLAT
Not sure how the author supposed the use of this indicator but in my opinion it could be used as follows.
Select a single currency pair and place the indicator on the chart.
NOTE – The indicator defaults to display on the left side of the chart. If you change the CORNER value from 0 to 1 then it will display on the right side of the chart (my preference). You can chage it in the code or edit the properties.
Sit and watch the price action PA and note the colors of the indicators for the various time frames. If you are scalping then use the 1 or 5 minute charts.
The trick to the use of any indicator (in my opinion) is to “feel” the PA. Watch it and you will begin to get in sync with the currency pair. Watch the movements and pay close attention to the RiverFlow. If you’re on the 1 minute chart then your attention should be focused on the M1 column of the RiverFlow. In due time you will feel the PA and begin to sense when the Price will move UP or when it will move down. That is when you are ready to enter a trade IN A DEMO ACCOUNT. If you are right then the moment it becomes profitable then EXIT. Take your 1 PIP and wait for the next trade. This may sound a little too cautious but it is better to take 1 PIP and run then to watch it reverse and take away 10 or 15 PIPS out of your account. In due time you will get more confident with the tool and garner more than the 1 PIP. Walk for awhile before you try to run. Patience and learn that the market will ALWAYS come back to you for another trade.
Best of luck with your PIP gathering.
16.10.2009 12:45 gedws49

favoured111 wrote:
Thanks for making this available.

Please I also need the manual. kindly send to [email protected]

The manual is the source code.  Or write your own.

11.10.2009 02:30 rossiya

An excellent indicator must for every trader it gives a broad idea about the whole script on every time. An Excellent job, keep it up

10.10.2009 11:14 sanjay0511

Thanks for making this available.

Please I also need the manual. kindly send to [email protected]

09.10.2009 20:10 favoured111

ur GG-RSI-CCI is one of the best software that ever exist on the mql4 site. Thank you a million. though I am yet to have the manual to understand it better. but all in all, it is definitely a tool to be with. thank you again.

on this i would like to have its working amnual to be able to understand it better. I think it should be in the level/grade of the GG-RSI-CCI.

you can send it to me on my my email is [email protected].


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