by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Author: RickD (2007.05.18 14:54)
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i-Breakeven   i-Breakeven.mq4 (7.3 Kb) View
This indicator collects and groups information on open positions. It is useful for those who like adding to open positions and using Martingale’s method.


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Hi, how can i split between buy orders and sell orders … to display breakeven for each one separately
21.03.2012 05:59 t4fast

Nice work, piece of art …………………. thanX for share
10.11.2010 11:40 arshadfx

GREAT Indy! Would you consider adding pips for each symbol and totals?

Thank You for Sharing.


22.01.2009 01:15 ezd96

Hi !

I Tried this indicator and it’s good friend

thank for it

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