Indicator ‘Currency’ Is a Useful Program

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Indicator ‘Currency’ Is a Useful Program [ ru | cn ]
Author: kharko (2008.02.28 10:12)
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The indicator-informer Currency prints and writes into a file the following information:
1. currency pair;
2. the price of one lot in a deposit currency, i.e. value of margin when a position of 1-lot volume is opened for a chosen pair;
3. maximal lot volume possible for this currency pair with a set percent of balance and spread taken into account (stick to Money Management).

There are only two parameters in the indicator:
true  – information is shown for all currency pairs (28 pairs);
  false – information is shown for the current security.

Procent – desired percentage of balance.

The following tasks are solved:

1. choosing the optimal currency pair in terms of costs;

2. calculating margin and spread costs;

3. stick to MM of your strategy.

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Hi Kharko,
I really like the concept of your indicator and it is something I have been looking for.
Unfortunately, when I attach it to a chart MT4 hangs.

Perhaps it has something to do with the settings being in another language?

Indicator 'Currency' Is a Useful Program

The variable ‘Zametki1’ has a setting of ‘ÇÀÏÈÑÜ Â ÔÀÉË ÏÐÎÈÇÂÎÄÈÒÑß Â ÌÎÌÅÍÒ ÍÀÁÐÀÑÛÂÀÍÈß ÍÀ ÃÐÀÔÈÊ. ÔÀÉË ÍÀÕÎÄÈÒÑß experts\files’ so I’m guessing an english system can not understand it…?

cheers, drayzen

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