Instantaneous Trendline Filter

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Instantaneous Trendline Filter [ ru | cn ]
Author: Scriptor (2008.01.23 11:03)
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Author: Luis Guilherme Damiani

Like MA cross but this indicator shows more valid signal. Buy and Sell Signal appears when it cross each others.

Instantaneous Trendline Filter
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The indicator looks great
04.04.2013 07:08 papadestra

Hi Scriptor,

The indicator looks great and practical especially for manual trading. But, how do I call it in EA? I trying many times but still can’t make it. I use the same method as other Indicators. Based on the following parameters:-

extern double       alpha=0.07;
extern int          maxbars=2000;
extern string
Price_Choice="-----  Typical or Median  --------------";
extern bool is_median=true;

I created the following:-

  double Lime=iCustom(NULL,0,"Instantaneous_Trendline_Filter",0.07,2000,0,0);//current
  double Red=iCustom(NULL,0,"Instantaneous_Trendline_Filter",0.07,2000,1,0);//current

Is it correct? Is there any other method or parameters that I need to add?



09.11.2008 17:41 azizan8

Great job,thank you!
08.05.2008 19:50 yangelong

Great job
25.04.2008 11:56 adey4forex

Можете скопировать индикатор в папку С: \Program Files\MetaTrader 4\experts\indicators или скачать через MetaEditor, смотрите видео здесь.
30.01.2008 14:47 Scriptor

подскажите пожалуйста как установить этот индикатор в meta trader

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