Linear Regression Channe

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Linear Regression Channel [ ru | cn ]
Author: dimicr (2008.03.28 07:50)
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Linear Regression Channe   !LinRegrBuf.mq4 (3.1 Kb) View
Custom Linear Regression Tool. Values of LR line and Support and Resistance lines are in buffers.

Linear Regression Channe


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Good example. Thanks.
08.04.2012 12:49 dabbler

Thank you for the code! But one question regarding the calculation:

Shouldn’t it be (i+1) instead of i in the calculation loop? Cause otherwise, the first point will be 0*Close[0] which is always zero.
Is this a mistake or what’s the reason for this?

06.04.2010 20:18 adamp

Can you make it MTF one? Thx!!

30.04.2009 19:27 dlppat

Wonderful timesave – makes the lines reproduceable and reveals opporturnities otherwise missed.

Thanks for posting




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