Linear Regression Indicator

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Linear Regression Indicator [ ru | cn ]
Author: Vinin (2008.06.22 15:05)
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Linear Regression Indicator   VininI LRMA color.mq4 (2.1 Kb) View
The indicator is completely analogous to indicator LSMA Color published in CodeBase, except only one thing. It works much faster.


extern int period=34; // Regression calculating period
extern int price=0; // Price used for calculations 0-Close, 1-Open, 2- High, 3-Low, etc.
extern int Shift=0; // Chart shift when drawing
extern bool bPlaySound=true; // Playing a sound when changing color
extern string SoundName=”alert.wav”; // Wave file
extern int CheckBar=0; // Bar, on which the color changing is controlled

Linear Regression Indicator

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