by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
MF_BreakDown_Flat [ ru | cn ]
Author: Scriptor (2009.01.09 08:08)
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MF_BreakDown_Flat   MF_BreakDown_Flat 0-1010.mq4 (7.1 Kb) View
For now there is no need to draw the levels manually.

It will be very useful for the novices.

According to the TS MF, usually the first enter point is at the double break through and the support of the associates.

Input Parameters:

extern int    Дней=10;                  // How many days in history to display.
extern string sTimeEndAsia=" 07:00:00"; // You can specify your own values.
extern int    m7=7;                     // This one should be correсted too.
extern string sTimeEndEur =" 10:00:00"; // The time we stand the flat.



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