MultyPeriod [ ru ]

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
MultyPeriod [ ru ]
Author: Denis Orlov (2009.10.28 13:01)
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I welcome!

Good time of day to all.

Today I wish to please you again with new

program which will undoubtedly serve you a good service.I shall note, that similar programs quite often extend

for charge, but I freely offer them to you with the code opened for the analysis therefore as I want that all we were developed, grew wiser, prospered and pleased of live!)Come also on pages with my music and video

The description:

The indicator allows to display

the candle schedules of the different time periods in one window.You can simply drop on the schedule the indicator or a little, to specify the necessary periods, and to watch development of the market in one window.


The indicator can display both the smaller and greater periods in relation to the basic schedule.

Adjustment of the period is made through a variable


At TimeFrame=0 (by default ) the following younger period is drawn: for example for 15М schedule.

To move the schedule on a vertical it is necessary :

  1. Select a label of this schedule (for ex. M5), a double click.
  2. Drag a label on a new place and release after arrival of a new tic.

Or change a property Vertical_Shift =-60;

The senior candles.

For convenience of a visual parity of the periods on the schedule the “senior” candles also appear.

If the period of the indicator is less than main, outlines of the “senior” candles are visible on the indicator candles.

MultyPeriod [ ru ]

If on the contrary, the period of the indicator is more senior than the main – outlines of the “senior” candles are visible on the candles of the basic schedule.

MultyPeriod [ ru ]

Drawing of the outlines of the “senior” candles can be cancelled through a variable


The senior candles allow to observe evidently how the multilevel schedule is under construction, in general .

MultyPeriod [ ru ]

Use at visual testing.

Often it is pity because of impossibility to switch

TF at testing strategy.Now this problem is partially solved!

For use of the indicator in a tester (at visualization of testing) it is necessary to switch variable TesterMode in value True.

TesterMode = True

You can use the indicator in visual testing if function start of the tested adviser will contain a special code:

GlobalVariableSet ("TesterTimeCurrent", TimeCurrent ());

With this action the adviser informs to the indicator a

simulator time of the test. The indicator reads out a global variable and works on the historical data.Program-adviser Trading Simulator 2 is already prepared for work with this indicator.

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