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by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

R – Squared indicator [ ru ]
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r-squared shows the correlation with its linear regression line

values close to 1.0 show perfect relation
values close to 0.0 show poor relation

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To determine if the trend is statistically significant for a given x-period linear regression line,
plot the r-squared indicator and refer to the following table.  This table shows the values of
r-squared required for a 95% confidence level at various time periods.  If the r-squared value
is less than the critical values shown, you should assume that prices show no statistically
significant trend.
Number ofPeriods r-squaredCritical Value(95%confidence)
5                 0.77
10                0.40
14                0.27
20                0.20
25                0.16
30                0.13
50                0.08
60                0.06
120               0.03
You may even consider opening a short-term position opposite the prevailing trend when you
observe r-squared rounding off at extreme levels.  For example, if the slope is positive and
r-squared is above 0.80 and begins to turn down, you may consider selling or opening a short position.
There are numerous ways to use the linear regression outputs of r-squared and Slope in trading
systems.  For more detailed coverage, refer to the book The New Technical Trader by Tushar Chande
and Stanley Kroll.

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Great, I was just going to code a linear regression myself.
However, I found to mistakes in the code, but they’ll only become obvious when looking at the slope.
I changed the regression iteration to:

for (i=0; i<=per-1; i++) {
x = per – i;

This first line was modified to get display rSquare at the correct bar
The second modification is a correction for the fact that MT4 counts the bars back. In the original code X1 is linked to Yn etc. But this only affects the slope calculation

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