ShadeNY v5

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
ShadeNY v5
Author: sx_ted (2006.04.04 15:50)
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ShadeNY v5
Shades New York or other exchange while in session. SetImmediacyON parameter allows shading after first tick is received in the new session. Version 5 corrects incorrect start up time. Added new SERVER_TIME_ZONE and EXCHANGE_TIME_ZONE in the #define section. Finally learnt about GMT time!
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tr.site1.co.il wrote:
what shade ny indicator shows? how to trade with it?

Shimon, Shade_NY does not indicate Buy or Sell signals, it only shows when a particular market or exchange starts and ends it’s trading session. The NY session does generate the most volume. Take care, Ted.

15.11.2006 13:33 sx_ted

what shade ny indicator shows? how to trade with it?

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