Signal to noise filter

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Signal to noise filter
Author: ldamiani (2006.11.15 13:41)
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Signal to noise filter   Damiani_volatmeter.mq4 (3.3 Kb) View
The purpose of this indicator is to identify market fases that have too small amplitudes. These fases are useless even for systems designed for trading ranges markets. You will need other indicators. When the green line is BELOW the gray line – DON’T trade.

Signal to noise filter
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Not bad.

17.07.2010 17:02 dario1968

Excellant indicator ,really saved me from unwanted trades.Thanks .I wonder if anyone can incorporate an audio alert sytem into this.


William Narey Munny

22.05.2007 06:24 3141

You need to test to believe how powerful is. Just after a few test It becomes one of my most useful tools.

It´s impressive.

I almost eliminated bad trades due to choppy or ranging markets.


09.02.2007 14:45 Linuxser

impressive, would it be possible to display the result as a histogram, with deeppink is NOTRADE and orange is trade and the values of the histogram are fixed as 1. ig anybody can do this woudl you please post the code

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