by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Author: Collector (2006.10.16 13:12)
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WPRslow is an indicator based on Larry Williams’ oscillator %R, or WPR (Williams’ Percent Range). It shows a long-term market tone. If there are red dashes drawn in the hystogram, the Bear mood prevails. If they are blue, the Bull mood does.

The WPRslow indicator is used together with the WPRfast indicator. It is recommended to open a short position when dashes are red on both hystograms, and open a long when they are blue in both.

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With what broker You work?

The trade is not resolved with _DJI in MetaTrader 4.

Address to Your broker

18.10.2006 11:23 Collector

Hi Collector,

I was wondering if you could maybe help me with a simple problem of how to open and close a DJIA (Dow Jones) using and EA.
I am having problems with trailing stop and stop loss calculations, and it opens a trade but does not close @ stop loss or TP. Is there some special calcuation with “points” for DJIA. Do you have to multiply or divide the “points” ?
Or if you have a simple example for me to check ?



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