ZeroLag MACD

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
ZeroLag MACD
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The Indicator ZeroLag MACD is an indicator Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD with zero delay. The Indicator ZeroLag MACD in contrast with standard MACD gives the signals on several bars earlier, but divergences/convergence denominated more obviously.

ZeroLAG MACD calculates on formula:

ZeroLAG MACD(i) = (2*EMA(Close, FP, i) – EMA(EMA(Close, FP, i), FP, i)) – (2*EMA(Close, SP, i) – EMA(EMA(Close, SP, i), SP, i));

ZeroLAG MACD Signal(i) = 2*EMA(ZeroLAG MACD(i), SigP, i) – EMA(EMA(ZeroLAG MACD(i), SigP, i), SigP, i);

EMA – exponential moving average;
Close – a price of the closing of the bar;
FP – a period of the quick moving average;
SP – a period of the slow moving average;
SigP – a period of the signal moving average;


ZeroLag MACD


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Thank you very much for sharing.

May we know where did you get the idea for ZeroLag MACD ?

12.11.2013 11:49 onewithzachy

Excellant Macd ..It will be perfect if an audio or sound alert is attached at each crossings.Would appreciate if anyone can help me on this .


William Narey Munny

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