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by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
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Author: Denis Orlov (2010.11.25 14:25)
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The tool allows to “magnify” any part of the chart and look at it in selected timeframes.

In detail:

I like to draw candles! Some things has been done:

Instrument 2




And here, new work.

Put it on the chart and consider the details. Use the main rectangle (MainZoom_Rectangle) to select the part to magnify.

At figure there are 4 bars has been captured.

The zoom of the chart can be performed with the Handle. It updates with the new tick or by using the “Refresh” command.

Zoom Fx Indicator

The list of plotted timeframes can be changed in Description (Properties window of the MainZoom_Rectange object).

It is possible to put several instances on the chart, but RectName property must be changed:

extern string RectName="Zoom_Rectangle"; 
extern color RectColor=Blue;  
extern int ChartsGap =1;   - distance between the zoomed charts
extern bool GoldColor=False; - golden colors for black backround.

Zoom Fx Indicator

Well and further all as usual…

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There is a new version of indicator Zoom.
There are added:
  1. Horizontal dragging – placing in a convenient place of the schedule.
  2. Scaling of the “zoomed” charts, for your convenience of consideration of details.
  3. Price-Time grid with the labels for “windows” of the charts.
Who is interested – write in my profile.

Thanks for attention.

Zoom Fx Indicator

Zoom Fx Indicator

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