by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
in MQ5

Actual creator : Artwork Royal sro

BarTimer indicator in vertical model, carried out utilizing the library lessons, detailed description of which was offered within the article “Customized indicators and infographics in CCanvas” , with the potential for fixing the typhrame from which the indicator shows information within the enter parameters, which beeps when the bar is modified. Two extra lessons have been added to the library:

Class CLineRoundedVerticalDn: public CCanvasBase
Class CLineRoundedVerticalUp: public CCanvasBase

The ratio between the time elapsed from the start of the bar and the period of the complete bar in % are given. The indicator is made in two variants – rising and falling type. Additionally within the indicator, when the candle grows and falls, the colour of the indicator scale adjustments.

For proper compilation of the indicator, it is best to put the MQL5 folder from the MQL5.zip archive to the foundation of the MetaTrader5 terminal.

For the primary time this indicator was executed on MQL4 and printed in Code Base on www.mql4.com . 01.12.2008.


Fig.1. Indicator BarTimerCLineRoundedVerticalDn_HTF


Fig.2. Indicator BarTimerCLineRoundedVerticalUp_HTF


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