Multi Arbitration

Multi Arbitration

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
in MQ5

Growth of the code Multi Arbitration 1.000 .

Variations from 1.000 :

    • The Knowledgeable Advisor ONLY begins on PERIOD_M1 (see under for the reason, see the Time-frame parameter ).
    • Now this adviser trades directly on two symbols. The second character is taken from the static array ExtArrSymbols :
      String          ExtArrSymbols [ 20 ] =
      //| Knowledgeable initialization perform                                   |
      int OnInit()
    • The precept of opening positions is modified:
      • Now the brand new place “BUY” might be opened solely when the present worth is under the bottom place “BUY”;
      • The brand new place “SELL” might be opened solely when the present worth is increased than the best place of “SELL”:

      Multi Arbitration

    • The Time-frame parameter is entered – now you’ll be able to optimize on any interval of the graph. The Knowledgeable Advisor itself works solely when a brand new bar seems on the principle image (on the image on which the Knowledgeable Advisor is operating):
      // + ----------------------------------------------- ------------------- + 
      // | Knowledgeable tick perform | 
      // + ----------------------------------------------- ------------------- + 
      void  OnTick ()
      // --- we work solely on the time of the beginning of latest bar 
         static  datetime prevtime = 0 ;
         datetime time_0 = iTime ( 0 , m_symbol_one.Title () , InpTimeFrame );
      If (time_0 == prevtime)
             return ; 
         Prevtime = time_0;

      Right here, the variable InpTimeFrame is our enter parameter Time-frame . Thus, relying on the worth of the enter parameter Time-frame, we will make the EA work on any timeframe!

The outcomes of the take a look at for EURUSD:

Multi Arbitration


Multi Arbitration 1.1xx.mq5 

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