Aibs - another inside bar strategy

Aibs – another inside bar strategy

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Hey buddies,foreign exchange merchants. This strategy is utilizing Value Motion mannequin Inside Bar. I’m no utilizing any indicators solely bare chart and value motion.

Indicators: No Indicators

Timeframe: D1
Buying and selling Hours: When shut every day candle

When every day candle closed we on the lookout for Value Motion mannequin Inside Bar. If we discover it we put 3 purchase cease orders few pips above highest small candle level and 3 promote cease orders few pips under lowest small candle level.

So we now have 3 purchase cease orders and 3 promote cease orders.


Cease Loss = Reverse order (For purchase cease order have to put cease loss the place is promote cease order and for promote cease order the place is purchase cease order).

Take Revenue: I’m utilizing take revenue just for 2 orders(2 for purchase cease order and 2 for promote cease order).Take Revenue = S/L. Third order I’m leaving with out take revenue to make max revenue (For purchase order pull S/L few pips under each massive bullish candle and for promote order pull S/L few pips above each bearish candle).

When any order is energetic different have to maintain till it reaches the take revenue. When take revenue achieved we killing the alternative order.


I’m no utilizing normal 1-3% threat.

My is for:
1000$ = 0.01lot
2000$ = 0.02lot
4000$ = 0.04lot
8000$ = 0.08lot
16000$ = 0.16lot
And so forth.

Should you lose 50% of the earnings want to return to the final lot.
For instance: You begin with 1000$ and your lot is 0.01. When you might have 100% revenue 1000$
(complete 2000$ in your stability) want to begin buying and selling with 0.02lot and once you misplaced 50% of your revenue, so 500$ (your stability 1500$) you should return to 0.01lot until you once more have 2000$.

Sorry for my English it’s not my first language.

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Aibs - another inside bar strategy
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