Davit's BB Wave System

Davit’s BB Wave System

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Buying and selling is dangerous and you’re answerable for losses and positive aspects.

Hello Guys
Determined to share how I commerce.Few issues about me.I used to be a degenerate sport gambler for 5years betting from collage hoops,soccer,baseball principally.I’d be up one week in 1000’s and be down subsequent week in 1000’s.Had no actual understanding of % wagered vs account dimension till I misplaced all my cash.Stopped fully.As religion would have it I in some way find yourself buying and selling foreign exchange.Made all of the rookie errors blown few accounts and my third yr lastly began to generate profits.
Earlier than I proceed I like to emphasise information and expertise are necessary.Studying buying and selling books helps on weak areas specifically on psychology topics like unable to take a small loss and letting it to grow to be large loss,unable to let earnings run,shifting stops and many others.That is crucial as a result of with out work on one’s self no system irregardless of profitability will make you cash since you are coping with not simply the market however your personal demons

Some books value studying
1.All Market Wizards books by JACK D. SCHWAGER (That is to open your eyes what is feasible in Buying and selling)
2.REMINISCENCES OF A STOCK OPERATOR (Learn it twice 2nd time obtained lot extra out of it)
3.Harmonic Dealer by Scott Carney (something by him)
4.Hen watching in Lion Nation by Dirk du Toit (applied a number of concepts from him)
5.Buying and selling within the Zone (traditional on psychology of buying and selling)
6.Van Tharp – Tremendous Dealer (Even if you happen to take up 20% of the guide you’ll enhance by enormous margin)
7.A.J. Frost, Robert Prechter – Elliott Wave Concept (should learn)


System particulars
Most know me as traditional counter dealer and I did effectively with it nonetheless not taking apparent trades going with the development was a handicap in my opinion therefore I designed 2 system in 1 Development following and CT

1st Half Development following
This half relies on Raghee Horner’s 34 EMA (she has ton of movies on youtube for additional information)
Merely sensible idea.Why 34? Effectively it really works finest in my opinion and Raghee’s and its a Fib quantity.
Trades are taken when PA is above Wave inexperienced coloration candles and beneath wave pink candles,blue candles are impartial finest not commerce.
1hr 4hr and day by day have to be in sink

2nd Half Counter commerce day by day chart
PA inside 2nd third Deviation
RSI 70/30 and above WR% above -20 below-80 These are exhaustion ranges
We are going to anticipate RSI and WR% to hook other way earlier than getting into CT commerce H4 Day by day.
That is to guarantee development/swing is reversing.That is necessary since BB and Oscillators can stay OB/OS delay time frame.
When buying and selling with the development be conscious BB ranges for exit the trades
1st TP BB center degree 2nd TP ought to PA go in your manner additional different facet of BB 2nd third dev

Your chart ought to seem like this

Hooked up Picture (click on to enlarge)
Davit's BB Wave System
Hooked up Recordsdata
Davit's BB Wave System  ADR_v2.ex4   11 KB | 2,342 downloads
Davit's BB Wave System  FFCal Headlines.ex4   36 KB | 2,024 downloads
Davit's BB Wave System  BB ribbon crammed 2 coloration.ex4   9 KB | 2,320 downloads
Davit's BB Wave System  Magnified Market Value.mq4   1 KB | 2,091 downloads
Davit's BB Wave System  bbwave.tpl   15 KB | 2,431 downloads
Davit's BB Wave System  GRaB Candles Lengthy.ex4   4 KB | 2,210 downloads
Davit's BB Wave System  GRaB Candles Vary.ex4   4 KB | 2,984 downloads
Davit's BB Wave System  GRaB Candles Brief.ex4   4 KB | 2,116 downloads

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