How to trade NFP/FOMC and make pips

How to trade NFP/FOMC and make pips

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

Frequent query to ponder : How to trade NFP & FOMC Excessive Impression Information for USD

Usually throughout NFP & FOMC Occasions , XXX USD & USD XXX pairs begins trending up/down crazily for large quantity of PIPS relying on NFP(Non Kind Payroll) US Employment knowledge (or) for FOMC: Fed Dovish /Hawkish stance on US Economic system + QE Taper/Extra QE (QE1,QE2 & QE3) + USD Charges Enhance and many others..

To begin with there are 3 choices at disposal for us :


  1. Shut your PC, am not gonna trade and outguess these knowledge ==>(steer clear of this excessive impression information NFP/FOMC )
  2. Use Industrial information buying and selling software program like :
    1. Oracle Dealer
    2. NFP Pilot
  3. Use a quite simple technique which I’ve used time and once more confirmed to achieve success (learn beneath)

Easy Technique :

As a dealer we’re conscious let or not it’s NFP (or) FOMC information , the impression it creates on USD is phenomenal ,So how we do get our share of PIPS by buying and selling it neatly??

I’ve tried this strategy many variety of instances , as there’s not a lot threat concerned and have grabbed respectable quantity of PIPS each time relying on the character of transfer we’ve got based mostly on this information.

Earlier than the occasion, say 7min in the past : Absorb all 6 trades in SAME Route /SAME Quantity & hold the pending orders 2x instances the preliminary quantity at 30 pip distance

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How to trade NFP/FOMC and make pips
How to trade NFP/FOMC and make pips

For Instance :

Entry :

3pairs from XXX USD Universe :

Purchase 0.1 EUR USD 1.3411
BUY 0.1 GBP USD 1.6952
BUY 0.1 AUD USD 0.9391

3pairs from USD XXX Universe :

BUY 0.1 USD JPY 102.08

BUY 0.1 USD CAD 1.0852

BUY 0.1 USD CHF 0.9117

set 6 pending orders 30pips distance 2x instances the above ones i.e :

SELL 0.2 EUR USD 1.3381
SELL 0.2 GBP USD 1.6922
SELL 0.2 AUD USD 0.9361
SELL 0.2 USD JPY 101.78
SELL 0.2 USD CAD 1.0822
SELL 0.2 USD CHF 0.9087

Exit :

I usually shut all of the trades at one go after the pending trades for min 3 pairs will get activated out of 6 and have respectable $$ revenue to take residence

Why this technique works and good to make an EA to take a look at out too :

NFP/FOMC occasions usually have a theme to make USD sturdy /weak, that creates trending alternatives if assume the information created USD optimistic sentiment:

out of our 6 trades USD XXX Universe group (3 pairs) will do effectively and we’ve got to fear concerning the XXX USD Universe . Pending promote orders for XXX USD pairs Universe will get activated to restrict any injury and make earnings on draw back + plus we’ve got 3 USD XXX pairs doing effectively + voila we’ve got restricted injury on XXX USD pairs there you go we make some quantity of earnings relying on the transfer.

To automate this technique for EA Coders, here is my ideas :

i) EA ought to place each BUY 6 pairs( 3 USD XXX & 3 XXX USD pairs) together with SELL 6 pairs ( 3 USD XXX & 3 XXX USD pairs) on the identical time/quantity “x” if no orders of these pairs exist

ii) pending orders for all open trades with 2x volumes awaiting at 30pips distance

iii) Basket order mechanism to ballot all of the open orders complete revenue matching the consumer set ProfitTarget and shut them at one go.

I’ve used this mechanism over many Fed FOMC & NFP occasions and confirmed to achieve success doing it guide, any feedback/tweakings welcome.



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