KISS my Triangle

KISS my Triangle

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
I’m right here greater than a yr and searching, testing a whole lot of technique from different members. ( THANK YOU!)

Now I would like you present :

KISS – Hold it easy silly
TRIANGLE– as a result of most of time we’re in search of them.

Please do not ask me for winrate, % and cash. Open your chart and check out it !

We’d like : CCI(14) , RSI(8) and TRENDLINES.

Now I clarify you the way I make trendlines:

When CCI above 0 and RSI above 50 put right here Vertical Line , when CCI go above 0 once more and RSI once more 50 put right here second Vertical Line. Now you’ll be able to join this factors. The identical for opposit -50 nad beneath 0.
It is like my explaination to make it essentially the most “mechanical”.

Right here please watch out when RSI/CCI leaping in little consolidation, You could see when it makes new LL, HL or one thing like 1,2,3.

I draw trendlines on the spikes not shut candle.

For begin you should use threat ratio 1:1. SL final swing or/and while you get triangle put SL on trendline and go together with the transaction.

We are able to make trades solely when it is break trendline or once we get triangle( I feel second place is healthier).

Under I present you my 2 entries from the morning.

Hooked up Photos (click on to enlarge)
KISS my Triangle   KISS my Triangle

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