Lost Sock Evolution - Automated

Lost Sock Evolution – Automated

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Hey All and Joyful New 12 months!!

Time to get again into the thick of issues, typical January ready interval for me is formally over and I’ve been utilizing among the downtimes to work on some new concepts…

Connected – Lost Sock EA and TMG + CG Mladen Indicator.

This has advanced from TMA1 ->beforehand posted and the Lost Sock Commerce Technique.

Lost Sock Technique was derived from my concept of doing laundry. We are able to by no means ensure the place the Lost Socks find yourself – Washer or Dryer, however I’m satisfied that in case you hold throwing the misplaced socks again into the laundry, they ultimately discover their mate. This E model that’s connected follows this logic in that it’ll each purchase and promote based mostly on the pattern logic, dedication of triggering based mostly on TMG + CG indicator and can maintain off on trades if it deems that the pattern cycle has modified…till it sees doable indicators of reversal for price averaging.

How is that this advanced?

Below the idea that you would be able to lose greater than a single sock whereas doing laundry, every time you throw the unequalled singlets again into the laundry, they are going to ultimately discover their mate. Sooooooooo…the evolution of that is that as a substitute of throwing the remated pairs again in, it’ll take them out of the combination.


Yeah, as a substitute of ready for ALL mismatched pairs to discover a mate after which take all of them out, it’ll take out matched pairs.

As utilized to the commerce logic…NOT ALL TRADES will wait to be in complete revenue earlier than they’re excited. Sum of earlier trades in revenue will likely be closed and new alternative for price averaging or extra revenue taking will observe.

The concept – To attempt to decrease the quantity of internet draw and variety of energetic trades.

It is solely been in software for final week – as per commerce explorer connected to the thread.

The CORE CODE was printed by Voldermar227 a while in the past and since it does issues in a method that work with the concepts, quite than making an attempt to re-write, I’ve simply used my triggering concepts to perform my targets.

From Final Week – GA – Friday.

Was a little bit of a uneven day – LSE labored to maintain in pattern and take revenue will flipping between longs and shorts.

Connected Picture (click on to enlarge)
Lost Sock Evolution - Automated

Large due to Voldermar for the Core and to Mladen for the TMA+CG logic for triggering.

Default settings are for an M1 Chart however be at liberty to mess around and see what you provide you with.
Lost Sock Evolution - Automated

Day by day Overbought and Oversold has been written in once more utilizing the TMA + CG indicator to maintain the EA from shopping for tops and promoting bottoms.

Nice instance – Final Week – Friday – Cable.

Connected Picture (click on to enlarge)
Lost Sock Evolution - Automated
Marriage-Knowledgeable Mode – ask your spouse “ya performed?” whereas she’s yelling at you.

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