New Martingale EA (logic like Mathtrader EA)

New Martingale EA (logic like Mathtrader EA)

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

Whats up Guys,

i used to be a bit upset, when Mathtraders EA stopped working, so i attempted to program the logic of that EA on my own. Thus far, i’m fairly completely happy and perhaps together with your help we are able to enhance/implement new issues.

This EA relies on Martingale Technique so i can occur, that you just blow your account. Use with warning!

New Martingale EA (logic like Mathtrader EA)


Small description:

TakeProfit: Takeprofit in €. Closes Order when Revenue is reached.

StopLoss: Closes all Orders when the Drawdown is greater then this worth.

Heaps: Startlot of this EA.

Grid: Pointsdistance between Orders.

Gridmulti: If set to 1, the gap is all the time the identical. For instance = 2: first Gridvalue is one hundred, third order can be positioned after 200 Factors.

MartMulti: Identical like GridMulti however for Tons.

useSMART: I used a way to squeeze the final factors out of each Order. There isn’t any drawback, so higher use it.

MaxOrders: Variety of MartingaleSteps.

-Bollinger: Locations an Order when value touches the outer Bands
-MA Sells, when fastMA<slowMA and the opposite approach round
-Candle: follows earlier Candle
-Spearman: tries to observe the pattern with the spearmancorrelation
-CCI/EMA: tries to observe the pattern with CCI and EMA

distanceMA: minimal distance between the MAs to Promote/purchase

The EA solely opens new Orders on new Candles!

Edit: Uploaded a corrected model

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New Martingale EA (logic like Mathtrader EA)  Martingale3.0.ex4   a hundhttps://www.forexfactory.com/attachment.php/2277359?attachmentid=2277359&d=1492938471 red and one KB | 335 downloads | Uploaded  04,05, 2017 5:07am


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