Pip Guru Trendline (PGT) System

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

Hello traders am very happy to bring to you the most powerful system based on the trendline. I have developed this system primarily based on price action. This system is a methodical system that one has to carry out each day to get great entries and exits. This System is


1. Indicator Free system

2. Used in literally all the systems including Stocks, Forex or a place where you can get hold of a trendline tool.

3. High proven success rate, My Trade Explorer is an indication.

4. Big Boys System


System in Nutshell:


it involves a bar to break the trendline and the next bar to retrace to trend line level to take entry. Exit could be fixed 40 -50 pips or close to previous support and resistance areas. This system floats with the price at all times, as the price always kisses the trendline or breaks the trendline. The second concept ie. breaking the trendline is what we use here.


System in Detail:


Please read the detailed description of Pip Guru Trendline System


Example Chart :


Attached Image (click to enlarge)
Pip Guru Trendline (PGT) System
Wait for the market to come to you.. then take the green pips..



1. What is the ideal time to Trade?


Asian and European.


2. What pairs to Trade?


Any Pairs Based on Session.


3. Which pair to Trade in Which Session?


Australian and Yen pairs at Asian Session, Euro and Pound pairs at European Session, Mostly avoid US Sessions.


4. Can i Trade at news?


Do not Trade Big news, always trade after the news.


5. What is valid breakout of trendline?


A valid set up is one when the breakout of the trendline happens and the bar closes above/below the trendline after 1 hr close.


6. What about Break Even?


Always move the trade to BE when you reach 20 pips profi

UJ Setup that happened Few Hours back


Pip Guru Trendline (PGT) System



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