Pivot Trading with TDI

Pivot Trading with TDI

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
If in case you have much less then 2years of expertise in Foreign exchange I like to recommend not even attempting my system.
This requires understanding of PA and I will not reply mundane questions and when you ought to ask fundamental buying and selling 101 questions I’ll ban you from this thread.
Not accountable for your beneficial properties or losses.

Please use my template and indicators solely.
That is so we’re all on identical web page and stick with what’s being shared right here.
For those who do submit with added indicators you may be faraway from this thread with out warning!
Pivot Trading with TDI
5 elementary truths:
1. Something can occur.
2. You don’t have to know what’s going to occur subsequent with the intention to earn cash.
3. There’s a random distribution between wins and losses for any given set of variables that
outline an edge.
4. An edge is nothing greater than a sign of a better chance of 1 factor occurring
over one other.
5. Each second available in the market is exclusive.
– Mark Douglas

Hello guys
love pivots! love TDI which is RSI+MA remainder of fluff I took it out.
Right here is the best way to commerce pivots.
As worth travels progressively away from weekly pivot it turns into extra possible to enter correction.
61 S/R key zone 78R/S is Scott Carney’s final likelihood for reversal (spikes stops taken earlier than reversal) 100R/S one other main zone.
Ought to worth smash 100 S/R then you’re in robust development supported by fundamentals.
Pivots could be traded each with the development and in opposition to.I personally do not subscribe to typical bookish mentally that if earlier H4 is bear then assumption must be one other bear candle.That is very flawed manner to take a look at the markets.Markets are in fixed movement and inside 1 H4 candle worth can transfer reverse over 100pips in opposition to earlier candle so its not about earlier candles however the place worth is in relative to pivots.In easy phrases Location is what’s vital.
I commerce 15-30min charts nonetheless greater works as properly.
TDI is our buddy.When worth hit main pivots we anticipate TDI to show thus verify the transfer. Sharp angles vital when its virtually horizontal PA is weak or consolidating thus keep away from buying and selling.PA is king at all times!

Pivot relies on dealer time begin and that varies from dealer to dealer.My dealer is NY based mostly therefore if you’re in that point zone no want to vary something nonetheless when you reside outdoors this zone it’s essential to modify the pivot to match mine.
So as to transfer the pivots it’s essential to take these steps.
Get into indy settings. Set brokers candle to false. That is the important thing to having the ability modify the pivots up and down
‘Select H1 begin candle’: 2016 06 19 05:00
‘Select H1 end candle’: 2016 06 24 05:00
(5.00 a.m. might not work in your chart so strive completely different hours until pivots line up).
Fiddle with the hour in your ‘Select H1 begin candle/end’ settings to get it to line up with my pivots. Once you discover the corresponding hour, set the beginning candle and end candle to the very same hour. As soon as adjusted save as template and use that on each pair.
Up to date Pivot indi simply change time zone and dealer candle false
ought to work wherever you reside

Pairs I commerce most frequently

That is advance buying and selling
I will not reply questions like
What’s pivot/ assist resistance/ worth motion/Fibonacci buying and selling and many others.For that take a look at babypips.com
Notice that is NOT TMS.Nothing I do is expounded besides that I exploit TDI
Anglelator is there to see what PA is doing on different TF’s developed by Griffinsoul and his workforce of contributors.Its not a sign solely a supportive actor.

If you’re harmonic dealer you may discover this fib pivot indicator typically corresponds on key zones.

Books that may provide help to

Trading within the zone
The Disciplined Dealer: Creating Profitable Attitudes Mark Douglas
Trading within the Zone Mark Douglas
Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Solution to Get Extra Residing Out of Life Maxwell Maltz
The Secrets and techniques to Emotion Free Trading Larry Levin (clipboard beneath Davits Philosophy)
Harmonic Trading, Quantity One: Making the most of the Pure Order of the Monetary Markets Scott M Carney
Quantity 2 as properly
Free e book by him on clipboard (theht)

Required to look at movies by Mark Douglas

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