Playing with the currencies: Gabin System

Playing with the currencies: Gabin System

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Hello merchants
On the image # submit 2, we are able to see the strikes of the 8 currencies throughout a session. The primary strategies to commerce are to attend for a cross of 2 currencies and to take place in the good path. Sadly I’ve by no means had good outcomes as a result of after a cross typically happens a cross in the different path. So I’ve tried one other methodology considering that if a forex could be very robust (or weak) in comparison with others, its transfer is over or virtually. However I wanted indicator to check the strenght ( or the weak spot ) of the forex in comparison with others. Ezios made it …thanks.
This indicator modified by Ezios shows 2 necessary parameters : DeltaUp and DeltaDown.
Forex in 1 st place ; Worth of Higher Forex (VUC)
Forex in 8 st place : Worth of Decrease Forex (VLC)
Common of the 7 Others Currencies : ( A7OC )
Calculation: DeltaUp = VUC – A7OC and DeltaDown = A7OC-VLC.
You perceive how is calculated the strenght or the weak spot in comparison with the 7 others currencies.
Instance :
On the image # submit 3 , the higher forex is USD with 7.0.
The common of the 7 others is ( 6.6+5.9+5.1+3.7+3.1+3.1+1.4)/7 = 4.1
So the DeltaUp is 7.0 – 4.1 = 2.9….identical calculation for DeltaDown.
Extra the Delta is excessive extra the chance of return of the forex to others is nice.
I stay in France… so the London session is ideal for me…30 mn earlier than open till NY open…typically later
I set delta = 4.4. As quickly as the DeltaUp or the DeltaDown reaches this worth, the indicator shows the order.
If DeltaUp > 4.4, we promote Higher Forex basket. If DeltaDown > 4.4 , we purchase Decrease Forex basket.
To set off the orders, there are a lot of instruments. I exploit Dashboard Energy Meter V3 cust_Curr.
Generally at the starting the market goes towards us. I set off one other order at delta = 4.8 and one other at 5.2.
After all, a SL is an absolute want.
You may see one other indication on the indicator… Delta 1/8.
Delta 1/8 is the calculation of the higher forex versus the decrease. The nice worth of Delta 1/8 is 7 or increased.
On this case, the indicator shows the order. So you may commerce solely the pair and never the basket.
Shut :
Relying your buying and selling type. I am ready for a place of the forex in center of board ( place 4 or 5 ) to shut the trades.
I recommend strongly too the use of a lock instrument to guard your achieve ( see submit # 39 )
At present Ezios and faryne are engaged on an EA to automate the trades with the identical set off as the indicator and 3 ranges of delta.
As an example with USD higher forex 1 st promote USD basket at 4.4… 2 nd promote USD basket at 4.8 third promote USD basket at 5.2.
After all, the ranges of delta will be set by the dealer in accordance his buying and selling type ( spacing out the deltas throughout the intervals of volatility )
If some coders wish to work with us, they’re welcome to enhance Gabin System.Warning
This thread is just for schooling goal and you haven’t to go to stay account.
Gabin System is a countertrend system used to catch a reversal forex transfer.
So it’s dangerous particularly throughout the intervals of volatility.
The offered instruments on this thread are additionally for testing and have not for use in actual account.
However when you perceive the logic and use Gabin System with your mind avoiding information, with good settings, an accurate SL and a lock instrument, you may make some respectable pips repeatedly.
Take pleasure in it.
Many thanks particularly for Ezios, faryne and gvc, the creator of the dashboard under.

Hooked up Picture
Playing with the currencies: Gabin System
Hooked up Picture
Playing with the currencies: Gabin System

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Hooked up Information
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Playing with the currencies: Gabin System   Dashboard – Energy MeterV3_Cust_Curr.mq4   173 KB | 546 downloads
Huge Thank’s To  madscalp 

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