Random Walk 2017 (The unbeatable!)

Random Walk 2017 (The unbeatable!)

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
The markets are said to be random walk. Through the years of trading I really believe that the markets are random walk with a drift (drift means the current trend).
So in roulette sense random walk is black or red happening has a %50 chance (omitting the zero). Some of you will argue that the markets are not random. I totally respect that. But unfortunately the markets are very close to random walk.
I devised a support and resistance indicator ( using abokwaik indicator, praise to him). You will see that the prices really respect these levels. Try these indicators out and you will see how important they are.

Just use the RW-SupportResistanceALL on your charts (those indicators use ATR-Close to make the calculations). Please use this indicator on 5 minute chart in order for them to work correctly.
After you attach them on the chart you have to draw Fibo retracement starting from “D1 Res 0” towards “D1 Sup 0”. Attached is the chart image

Attached Image (click to enlarge)
Random Walk 2017 (The unbeatable!)

Thats it for now.

Edit: I have revised the indicator, so that only this indicator ( RW-SupportResistanceALL) will be used on the chart. It will use the ATR-Close indy in the background so both must be downloaded

Attached File


Random Walk 2017 (The unbeatable!)  ATR-Close.ex4   10 KB | 571 downloads
Random Walk 2017 (The unbeatable!)  RW-SupportResistanceALL.ex4   17 KB | 498 downloads
Random Walk 2017 (The unbeatable!)  channel_goldthehun_v3.mq4   2 KB | 99 downloads


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