The Seventh Wave System 2018

The Seventh Wave System 2018

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

The Seventh Wave System or Sutherland Wave System is an unbiased re realizing of what Ralph Nelson Elliott dubbed ‘The Wave Precept’. The total market cycle has been de-coded piece by piece over a decade of commentary and isolation and what emerged was this infinitely repeating cycle with a set set of legal guidelines that imply we will seize close to 100% of the strikes in sequence. It is a blueprint of a set set of legal guidelines with variable ratios that make it seem totally different. Understanding of Interlocking wave relationships and the mechanical information of each stage of the sequence with out the uncertainty, inconsistency and guesswork out of Elliott Wave Principle, has been the most important profit up to now. Elliott postulated an Idealized idea primarily based on the 5:3 relationship that’s out of part with the true wave system. Elliott acknowledged totally different teams of patterns and what they do, Sutherland wave concept is absolutely linked finish to finish, there isn’t any breaks within the sequence. There is no ready for a brand new recognizable sample to play, all of it suits collectively in straightforward to observe overlapping shade coded infinite sequence without end.

It is primarily the regulation of sunshine vitality sound motion shade and and many others, and many others. A pure regulation, a containment discipline.

The implications of this analysis penetrate the deepest areas of existence from the complete universe right down to a photon of sunshine, all the things hyperlinks by this code. It’s this the conduit by which all the things in existence appears to be linked.

‘The Wave Precept’. As soon as acknowledged to be ruled by a 5:3 relationship, has been re found and that outermost discipline is an infinite sequence of sevens that correlate to the first shade spectrum, the octaves of the musical scale..

5:3 seems to be part of Prime Sequence Central Core (see under) subsequent to 4:2 within the infinite sequence.

Code of hea7en. seven days, sons, hills, seventh heaven, seven all the things.

An indispensable map for projecting the long run path of vitality and because it occurs the market cycle and extensively thought of to be the literal holy grail of buying and selling methods…

What’s the Grail? It is a vessel, a containment gadget that maintain water. River financial institution, present sea. We have discovered the grail that maintain the present sea.

This thread has been arrange for me to keep away from the Million Greenback Questions I have been silent about all these years, however ask away.

Pioneering the brand new science of buying and selling
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Nice work you will have carried out, Suthmo…

To start with, I might wish to level to your roadmap put up :
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Then, I reattach your picture with the 7:7 relationship…

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The Seventh Wave System 2018

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